The Co-ordinator of the project is the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (SzTNH)

SzTNH can be an ideal organisation for this role as by its statute it is one of the most important stakeholders of the innovation value chain in the country with strong international ties to academia and industry. Beyond their traditional role of protecting intellectual property they are also active in the broader spectrum of innovation related activities, as it is involved in legislative procedures, its competence includes R&D evaluation tasks, further, participates in EU founded projects, promoting IP and innovation activities, and through their grants and awards it also motivates young generation of new innovative ideas and solutions. The SZTNH as a government agency will play an active role in assuring that the new smart city centre of excellence will have adequate funding for its planned operation to complement the European grant and the commercial revenues.

The second Hungarian participant in the consortium is the Budapest University of Technology (BME), which will establish the SMARTPOLIS centre. The university has faculties and experts in all relevant subject matters; it possesses the necessary intellectual foundation for establishing and running the centre. The TEAMING project will provide a new opportunity to harmonize the activities of the various vertical silos and to generate knowledge and expertise of higher integrated quality which is competitive with best practices in Europe and also beyond.

The two foreign institutions are recognized experts in their own domains. They are in the position to support the Hungarian partners with their know-how, expertise, experience, and international relationships, which are must to have values for the establishment of the Budapest, smart city centre.

The Fraunhofer organization is an etalon for the professional and balanced operation of research establishments having a strong industrial focus, but being also open to academic, more fundamental research. SMARTPOLIS needs to adapt this approach and will implement the solutions and practices which are working for FOKUS.

Fraunhofer FOKUS will also support the scientific activity of the centre as it develops intelligent ICT Solutions for the public space connecting ICT industries and public administration. It builds on strong scientific expertise and links between legislation and technology. It provides a network with international partners from universities and industry and spin-off companies. These are all values which the Budapest centre will be able to capitalize.

The Urban Software Institute closely assists the European Innovation partnership served cities in Germany, in other European countries and in Australia in their efforts to use innovative concepts and solutions for the implementation of ambitious climate protection goals.

The Urban Software Institute organizes the Smart City Forum in Germany and is member of the Sherpa Group of the EIP SCC. Lutz Heuser, CTO, is Co-Lead of the action cluster on “integrated infrastructures” and leads several commitments around integrated infrastructures.

The Urban Institute is an affiliated partner to Sinfonia, one of the new EU Smart Cities projects recently launched.

Climate protection, benefits for the citizenry, and economically successful services and solutions are not mutually exclusive but complement each other in a sustainable unit for the future of the urban space. Besides the related technological solutions the most important assets in the TEAMING cooperation will be the adoption of UI’s approach to industrial partnerships and projects, which shall ensure the long term viability of SMARTPOLIS.

The two advance partners also have successful track record in submitting winning EU research projects and grants which know-how will also be important for the new centre.

Management Structure

Scientific and Advisory Board

Dr. László Bozó (MTA) – Chairman

Prof. Domokos Szász Vice President of the Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA)

Prof. József Rohács (BME)

Dr. Gábor Felső (BME-Viking)

Representative of Fraunhofer Institute

Representative of Urban Institute

Steering Committee

Dr. Miklós Bendzsel

Dr László Vajta

Linda Strick

Dr. Lutz Heuser



Fraunhofer Focus Institute

Urban Software Institute

Project Management

Project Co-ordinator 

Technical Manager

Financial and Administrative Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

IP-Knowledge Transfer and International Relation Manager

Dr. Gábor Németh (SzTNH)

Dr. Daniel Rohács Ph.D (BME)

Dr. Kálmán  Kovács  Ph.D (BME)

András Vilmos (SZTNH)

Péter Bakonyi Ph.D (BME)   BME- Project Co-ordinator

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